3+ Benefits of Data Monitoring when Combating High Electricity Consumption

Expensive electricity – a view that is our present and has become our future. All commercial spaces are trying to find the balance between the satisfaction of their customers and the satisfaction of their employees. And they are trying to prevent the end of later looking at the electricity bill and having it all ruined.

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

IoT Business Developer

Our first article is logically aiming in the direction where there is the biggest need – how to utilize technologies to conserve energy.

Let’s look at three problems that commercial spaces and offices are focusing on – an electricity bill coming after the consumption period, information only about the environment as a whole and relatively large consummption at night. We will look at the specifics of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is resolving these issues and we will see why is data vizualization so important.

Bill Overview when It Is Already Late

As soon as there is an electricit ybill among other invoices, it is actually too late to do anything about it. So what should you do to influence the final look of the bill?

Of course, one of the options is to swtich off all of the equipment, such as heating, secondary lights, etc… However, at this point, we would be leaving the level of the satisfied employee – being cold at work is cruel and it still comes to the point when they utilize a substitute solution (which in the end becomes even more expensive).

If you use IoT data monitoring, you gain immense power over your consumption. It applies thanks to a simple reason – you begin collecting data and collecting it in real time. Therefore, you know with certainty, which decisions actually influence your consumption and also to what extent.

Data are your best ally because thanks to them you can act immedately to changes. All you need is a little box running on batteries that is connected to a cellular network.

Information Only Regarding the Sum

Your bill overview also does not hint to where you should look for the biggest glutton – meaning a device that has the largest impact on your consumption.

  • How does a 1 degree change in temperature influence the consumption?
  • What if heating is regulated based on a different schedule?
  • Is our new device trully mmore efficient than the old one?
  • Are the label values accurate?

These are just a few questions that the Internet of Things can answer. Therefore, it is not about the feeling that you are collecting data. You can actually gain a pretty good picture about the ratio of each piece of equipment contributing to the consumption. And you can deal with them accordingly.

Work with data is crucial for you to keep the balance between consumption and satisfaction of those being in the space you manage.

Feeding at Night

One would say that during night time consumption would be close to zero. But experience shows that several gluttons can appear. These devices have a relatively high consumption of energy during periods when it should not be necessary. And even worse, there may not be a reason for them to run at all. So what next?

Thanks to data collection regarding their consumption, you can easily find those culprits that feed on energy even when it is not necessary. And you are left with a count up of unnecessary kWs which can climb up to several thousand Euros per year.

Data Are Scary

It is true when there is a lot of them and only in a regular sheet. Which is why collection of data needs to be complemented with their vizualization. For example, look at the images below this paragraph – it is the same collection of data. But which representation tells you more?

The graph shows deviations, non-standard states and also a long-term trend. All this information can be projected into mmeasures and namely into immediate actions. IoT gives you adaptability which is not only based on solid data but also very fast.

Collection, Vizualization and beyond…

A monitoring system also has an undeniable advantage in you not having to manually monitor every outlier or non-standard state. This is why the system is equipped with alerting. Let’s look at one situation from two view points – electricity outage.

No monitoring – Your commmercial space is without power and it happens during the night. When your employees arrive in the morning, they notice the problem and start solving it.

With monitoring – There is a night outage and responsible personel are immediately notified when it happens. They can let the employees know right away and start ensuring the resolution of the situation.

The only difference is that the employees in the second example received a timely text or an email. These are automatically generated by the system when it detects a situation that is set as non-standard. This can be a sudden increase or decrease in temperature, a big peak in consumption or the system not receiving any signal at all.

Consumption data monitoring and vizualization gives you valuable data that show in an understandable manner where you stand and what change is there when you test or change operations. This information is at your service immediately so no elektricity bill will surprise you anymore. Besides, you can optimize operations so that not only your company is satisfied but also your customers and employees. And all of this even though the elektricity prices are rising.


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