4 Good Reasons to Switch from Servers to Cloud

Instead of telling you that you need to switch from servers to cloud, we will show you why you should want to.

It is said that life is change but this process often awakens rather fear and insecurity than some overwhelming positive emotion. This is caused by the change hiding within itself something new, uncovered and thus not tried and not verified. So, instead of telling you that you need to switch from company servers to cloud, we will show you why you should want to do the change yourself. And you will listen to your own advice, right?

Go from Server to Cloud to have Peace

You are probably surprised by this being the first reason. On one side, we are talking about a change bringing about stress, fear and insecurity, but on the other, we are talking about peace and tranquility. This has a reason. If you would stop for a while and think about the stress that is caused in your company due to operating your own physical servers, how many worries they brought about and how many nerves were lost due to them, then you will see that having an in- house IT physically is really not easy.

If you want to operation your company IT nicely in peace, without unnecessary stress – that probably most applies to your IT technicians – then you need to switch to cloud. When you have your company IT in the cloud then no physical element of the infrastructure gets on your nerves, ever. All of the physical background and its operations are secured by professionals from the data center. You just have to set up your cloud in a way to cover precisely the needs of your IT.

Private cloud on shared infrastructure, one of the potential company cloud solutions, also ensures your peace by not restricting you with predefined parameters. Just keep calm and set up the cloud how you need it.

Using Cloud, Lowering Costs

If switching to cloud from the physical servers means losing all the “metal parts” (meaning hardware, the part you can actually kick in), then your company wallet will lose some burdens too. Thanks to cloud, you do not have to expend large amounts of investments into procuring servers or to upgrade them when their time comes. Cloud lowers your investment costs to zero (CAPEX is zero, if your would like to have it written in economics terms).

And you will not see the zero only when it comes to investments. When someone purchase an electric car, then there are certain operational costs that go away, such as those related to oils or filters. Cloud functions on a similar basis. Since we got rid of the physical part of the company IT, then we also get rid of the operational costs that would be related to it – electricity, coolingmaintenance, repairs and so on, the list is pretty long. Your accounting journals will be happy.
Physical servers are cumbersome, but cloud adapts precisely.
And we go even further. Cloud is a more efficient way to operate your company IT which means it also lowers regular operational costs. The type of cloud you choose determines the amount by which the operational costs go down. If you need to use only one virtual server, then there is nothing else to talk about and a virtual private server is the right choice. But if your requirements are two virtual servers or more then the most efficient choice is Hardware as a Service which enables you to lower the costs to the minimum since it completely adapts to the needs of your IT.

From various areas of life we know well the payment option called Pay-as-You- Go that cloud really took as its own when it emerged. A virtual environment will enable you to pay only for such company IT infrastructure that you need and consume. But – it is crucial to look at the conditions of your provider. Sometimes this approach tends to be financially disadvantaged. It is good that this principle does not apply to the virtual data center. Based on your company IT design, our colleague Pavel will advise you on how to set up your cloud and which payment option to choose – Pay-as-You-Go or fixed monthly costs. Each option has its advantages for a specific target group, which is why Pavel’s analysis is so important. He will recommend a set-up specifically for your situation.
Physical infrastructure also causes problems when it comes to predictability and transparency. No one can tell you beforehand, how long your servers will last, when something goes wrong and how much of it will go wrong, if there will be any issues at all… Cloud environment gives you quite unparalleled opportunity to have IT costs fully under your control.

The CloudPoint invoice contains 3 main items – processors, RAM and drives. You can also find additional items such as “Additional IP address” or various levels of SLA. All these parameters are, however, in advance specified by you. Which means, you know exactly what your invoices will include. Besides, we do not charge you for any data transfer among servers, so you do not need to count the € cents to know how much you will pay for your servers communication with each other – it is really useless to try to count them anyway because you will never get the right number in advance. So these not that nice surprises will not take you aback anymore.

You can also monitor everything on an online dashboard where you learn easily if you are using your resources efficiently. Everything is clear and easy to find. Your IT department has one central point of access to all virtual servers and the whole virtual environment. And the same central point of access enables you to see if the resources you are paying for are used properly. You can check the consumption of processors, RAM and drives and you will also see how much are your servers utilized.
Limit Summary

Cloud is More Secure than Your Servers

Of course, now we are working with the assumption that you do not run your own data center or a server room with the price tag of hundreds of thousands. Such cases have their reasons. We are more talking here about the majority of companies that have their own physical servers but do not have such hi-tech housing available. In the last article, we talked a lot about cloud security and maybe you will be surprised with its quality.

Let’s just give you a brief overview of the parameters that have a lot to do with cloud security
  • Data center operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Company processes
  • Personal approach

Cloud Makes Mincemeat of Servers when It Comes to Operations

We are used to the fact that when we have a personal computer, it is not that hard to take care of it. And since a server is also a computer, then that means that running a server is also not a big deal. But reality says something else.

When you run a server, you need to have it in controlled conditions which is why it is appropriate to house it in the right environment, such as in a data center. Such a way of operation ensures stability and availability of services, since all the services are monitored and backed up. If you operate your own server without such an environment, the physical infrastructure is instabile and the question is, whether it is fully available because availability is something you are sometimes not able to influence.

One of our customers, Atos, also mentioned issues that physical IT causes in regards to the management definition. In the cloud – virtual data center – your team selects the individual user roles so you have a clear overview of the rights and responsibilities. Physical infrastructure is hard on you in this aspect.

Cloud and Server Showdown

We have briefly introduced you to the topics that could take up hours and hours of our time. We all see that technology and tech devices are skyrocketing and most often we realize this very well in regards to the devices we use the most – phones, computers or TV. But it is necessary to also take into account that the development behind these final products is most of the time even faster. It would be a pity if your infrastructure was holding you back when cloud could open to you new horizons when it comes to efficiency of the whole company.

We have mentioned our colleague Pavel during the article and we will mention him again. He is a professional of company IT architecture and probably the most awesome proof of that is our data center which is the result of his great work. He will be glad to help you move your IT to the next level.environment