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Thanks to the experience of our experts, we adapt standardized
technologies to individual needs. We help companies to digitalize
their operations and find security in today's chaotic world.

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About us

Your IT Is Our Business

Our team evolved with the needs of the market and in 2013 completed a physical data centre in Písek which was built from scratch with our own resources. Outsourcing services were added,
as those who were not in DC had their own servers in the office. But market predictions clearly showed a trend towards the cloud. While everyone was developing virtual private servers,
we came up with the concept of the virtual data center. We have been providing full services all along, complementing our products with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance services.
The market was clearly pointing in the direction of digitizing the industry as a whole, so we dove into the IoT area. At that point, everyone started to feel the vendor lock-in, which became
even more pronounced. But we went down the path of a universal, full-service platform, regardless of the providers of the other components.

We use open technologies because this is where we see the future but we also cooperate with the world's leading cloud service providers. We have a great team of engineers and service support staff ready to help our customers at any time. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to each customer.
We hold several ISO certificates.

Our values


We build our solutions exclusively on open technologies to minimize the costs that can be associated with licensing fees and overall dependence on global hardware or software providers.


Our business models are simply built, unlike those of the world's global players in the cloud or IoT services. With us, you can be sure that the price offer we have sent to you will match the subsequent invoice.


We are aware that the companies are now under pressure to optimize their costs. All our solutions are fully customizable to the needs and wishes of our customers. We want to offer to our customers only the range of services they actually need.


Our support & monitoring center is available at any time. You don't have to worry about calling the helpdesk in Asia or Africa. Our team operates in Písek and is able to speak to the customers in both Czech and English without any problems.


Flexible solutions tailored to your needs

From our services you can choose the right one for your IT, or we can propose an individual solution.

Servers, storage
and networking
as a Service

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Create, deploy
and manage
Kubernetes easily

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Comprehensive IT
support 24/7
as a Service

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Monitoring, collection, visualization and data reporting as a Service

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We also design private IT solutions using physical or virtual infrastructure or a combination thereof. Thanks to our individual approach and tailor-made solutions we can guarantee your satisfaction.

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Why should you work with us?

We consider the trust and satisfaction of our customers critical and therefore we provide solutions that are professional, efficient and highly cost-effective. We can also help to your company with your IT.


We have built our cloud on state-of-the-art platforms and we are running it on our own hardware infrastructure. We hold several ISO certifications.

Solution optimization

When designing a specific business solution we use our own experience, good examples from practice (case studies) and we also take into account technological development and growth prediction of your company.


Thanks to the unique solution of our products we constantly adapt them to your needs, we can flexibly combine physical and virtual infrastructure and we provide a complete portfolio of services for your satisfaction.


Our Support and Monitoring Center is available at any time to help you solve problems which may arise in the operation of your IT infrastructure. Entrust us with complete management of your IT and simply concentrate on your core business.

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