Albert always offers fresh food thanks to mobile temperature and humidity monitoring

Portable and unattended solution for real-time data collection and evaluation for temperature control when transporting food between warehouses and stores.

Establishment and key project indicators

Albert chain makes a point in offering healthy, quality and fresh food. Albert continues to increase the quality requirements of the food sold, so he asked for mobile humidity measurements across the chain, including transport. Indeed, any variation in humidity or temperature could affect the highest quality of the goods Albert offers customers.

Choice of supplier and solution

Last year, Albert decided to digitize existing quality and temperature control solutions and asked a technology solution supplier to design a way while ensuring monitoring and reporting of temperature and humidity when transporting food in real time using mobile sensors. Great emphasis was also placed on the form of reporting, as it was supposed to fully comply with internal requirements and fit into the other structure of company data.

The choice came down to TCPRO and the DASHPOINT service, as TCPRO offered a solution based on low-energy sensors and NarrowBand IoT technology, which is standard for type networks „low power wide area network“ (LPWAN). It is a narrowband network that can take advantage of existing mobile operator infrastructure. In practice, this means that the chosen sensors can transmit temperature, humidity and orientation measurement data at regular intervals for up to 2 years from the initial installation without replacing the battery. The sensors chosen are also low maintenance and the battery replacement is very simple.

The processing and preparation of reports and data visualization takes place in the powerful TCPRO cloud. The prepared data is visualized in a clearly dashboard, the parameters of which are set by the customer himself. Thanks to this, the customer can monitor all the parameters they are interested in in real time, create different reports according to current needs, and the resulting reporting can be used also for internal auditing needs.

An important benefit of DASHPOINT is the open architecture, which is ready to integrate sensors of all brands. If the requirements for integrating additional parameters are extended, the customer does not have to use the sensors and systems of one manufacturer.

The course of cooperation

After identifying the customer’s requirements and needs, TCPRO proposed a complete solution, which Albert approved. After that, the TCPRO expert team focused on the precise configuration of the sensors and sent the sensor to the customer after internal testing. The biggest project challenge was to calibrate the equipment and achieve constant measurement accuracy. However, even this was not an insurmountable obstacle, the resulting measurement settings are accurate and the data is regularly sent according to pre-selected intervals.

„We are satisfied with the solution, we especially liked the speed of implemen-
tation and the ability to to customize the web interface according to our

Ing. Anna Malenová MSc., Quality manager own brands

Results obtained

Albert deployed the solution as a continuous quality control tool on three mobile units that continuously monitor the situation across the entire supply chain.

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

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