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How TCPro enabled Atos rocket increase in efficiency of software develoment

Atos began to feel its own infrastructure was failing during its ongoing projects. That had to be changed.

Atos IT Solutions and Services is a supranational company specializing in full IT services. The company ensures software development for commercial subjects as well as in the area of R&D. Atos began to feel its own infrastructure was failing during its ongoing projects. That had to be changed. Their quote was directed to TCPro.

Atos requested a virtual data center and the TCPro team convinced them by their approach and price that the TCPro solution was the right one for their problems. Thanks to this cooperation, Atos was able to technically stabilize the development environment, create management processes and optimize costs for IT infrastructure management.

How Virtual Data Center Aided Atos?


Atos encountered several problems. One of them was the physical equipment itself because it did not include only bad quality hardware, but also energy outages, environmental instability and issues with unreliable backup. It was also very hard to correctly set up processes and responsibilities regarding management. When managing its own infrastructure, Atos also found it is hard to accurately measure costs. These situations led Atos to the decision to renew the whole infrastructure environment. The new strategy included solving problems by utilizing virtualization in an external data center.

There are many ways how virtualization can be used – on-premise private cloud, virtual machine provider and virtual data center. Atos was considering several parameters that had to be included in the optimal solutions.

  • Environment stability,
  • Flexibility during infrastructure building,
  • Clearly defined costs assigned to clearly defined service choice,
  • Service request reaction time,
  • Sustainable financial model.

When comparing individual offers and their adherence to the required parameters, Atos arrived at the choice of TCPro virtual data center. This choice was supported by the willingness of the TCPro team to explain everything and demonstrate the functionality of the solution as well as offer very convenient pricing conditions.


Cooperation between Atos and TCPRo started out by a clear definition of the default environment including the plan for continuous scaling. The resources were migrated with the support from the TCPro team and immediately after the migration was successfully migrated, a very positive impact on the output and availability of the infrastructure occurred. The stability of the development environment increased and the same trend was followed by the output. Due to the change, it was crucial to revise the necessary resources which led to the optimization of costs. This transition also enabled Atos to change processes and define new rules regarding the environment management. These steps were successfully concluded along with the migration.

The basis for the success was utilizing the tools offered by regular project management to the whole migration process. Namely having technicians – network professionals – available at the right time was crucial. Another challenge arose when defining the requirements for the migration scope and namely the rules for environment creation that would not threaten or restrict the ongoing projects.

One of the most important steps for us was a successful explanation of the benefits to the management level to ensure their support. It is crucial for the whole team to be on the same page and see the positive benefits of the change. The transition to the virtual data center was a good decision which opens up many new opportunities, technologies and processes in a short time span,,” says Petr Holan, Atos Solution Architect.

One of the biggest advantages is the optimization of the infrastructure as a whole. This meant getting rid of unused resources, editing the rules for service providing and modernizing the platform as a whole thanks to the modern technologies and elements of the virtual environment.

Virtual data center fully adjusts to our process of creating software and enables us to work efficiently. Together with great support and its immediate reaction time presents the stable backbone for the development of our products,,” adds Petr Holan.


Changing the way IT infrastructure works led Atos to revising processes and adjusting them in a way for them to be more efficient and it made sense to adhere to them. It was also possible to cut short the time period necessary for defining new resources and solving problems. Work efficiency also rose thanks to the deployment of a stable environment and fast support reaction times. Everything works as it should and any potential requests are resolved within a blink of an eye.

“We also see a positive impact on our customers who benefit from higher dynamics with which we can define the resources necessary to resolve their requests and therefore implement their projects more efficiently,” ucloses up Petr Holan.

  • 20% more efficient infrastructure that adjusts to specific needs with flexibility,
  • 100% faster work when defining the environment and building own resources,
  • 50% lower costs for development environment management.