Cloud - Tech that Can Lower Company Electricity Bills

A switch from the physical infrastructure to cloud is increasing in intensity. Compmanies can experience significant savings thanks to cloud not only on their investment but also operational costs – elektricity, employees or repairs.

And savings have become the number 1 topic for all of us. Especially SMEs are actively seeking ways to optimize their operational costs and to be well prepared for the changes that are brough by the current crisis. IT infrastructure cannot be omitted from the list. But let’s start from the beginning. There are 3 ways how you can manage your IT environment.

  • Own physical IT infrastructure hosted in an external data center
  • Virtual IT infrastructure
  • Own physical IT infrastructure in-house (servers stored in a server room or a different dedicated space)

You can also combine these approaches, for example have physical and virtuál infrastructure. In such cases it is crucial to thoroughly check the service provider – billing, additional fees, SLA conditions and additional factors that make up the final price and could bring some wrinkles to your forehead in the coming months.

And one more thing. Make sure you are not left alone and you have a technical support available , perhaps even 24/7 if needed, and most importantly, they can resolve the problems without any additional costs.

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Do you have your own IT infrastructure? Then you should be able to answer a simple question:“What is the reason for that?“. Maybe it is a feeling of security, distrust to external providers or maybe it is just because you are used to it. Outside of the initial one-time investment, there is a list of other items related to IT self-service that cannot be neglected.

  • Regular maintenance costs (OPEX) for the IT operations, namely elektricity, repairs and maintenance
  • Increased salary costs for the team that has to take care of the infrastructure
  • One-time costs to supplement the computing power as necessary
  • Costs related to maintenance shutdown (whether planned or accidental)
  • Additional investment costs in case the equipment needs to be expanded
And we are not even starting on the fact that physical IT has the life span on average from 3 to 5 years. Summed up, cloud offers a way for companies to save. Maybe now is the time to give this solution a chance. Let’s meet together. Below we have summarized the most important FOR cloud reasons:

Full Capacity Utilization

Long-term practise and recently published international researches show that your own IT physical infrastructure is on average used 25-35%. This means that the investment costs are wasted from 65-75%. If you use a cloud from an external data center, this wasted potential is eliminated. This is thanks to the Pay-as-You-Go model when the customer only pays for the power he actually uses.

Lowering Electricity Consumption and Other Operational Costs

Even without the current crisis elektricity consumption will always be one of the largest cost items. For physical servers, we also need to include additional costs for repairs, maintenance, servicing shutdowns and systém outages related to these activities. These are costs that cannot be predicted in contrast to cloud, where you can specificaly define all the costs that arise to the company.

Lowering Salary Costs and CAPEX

Thanks to the IT infrastructure outsourcing, your professionals that manage the infrastructure save time. And cloud definitely is not the end of the company IT employees. They just have more time for their own work and focus more on Innovation and optimization rather than on routine and boring activities. You also reduce the costs for susbstitution during vacation times or sickness. External technical support of the cloud provider is simply available 24/7.

And last but not leasr there are CAPEX. Because the infrastructure is used as a service, a lot of the investment costs are freed up for the development of the company in a different area.

High Security

A high risk when you have your own IT infrastructure can arise during an outage, a failure or any other issue with the physical machines. This can have far reaching impact on the company in the formo h high losses. And we are still not talking about cyberattacks.

When you have cloud provided from a data center, the risks are highly reduced. A data center offers a high level of security in regards to internal problems (failures, Internet disconnection) and outside forces (such as elektricity outage, vagaries of weather, cyberattacks, etc.).

Are you thinking about switching to cloud? If you decide to go to cloud, it is ideal to first contact more providers and have an IT infrastructure analysis created. You should have a clear plan of migration, have the payment model explained including all the fees that may arise. You also need to ask about the security, back-ups, technical support levels, etc. And do not forget. You are not looking at a universal solution, but looking for an individual approach. Only then can your company gain the best services based on your needs now and with the future develoopment taken into account.

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