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Czech Solution Holds Its Ground against Global Giants

The DIKA service team has long been our good business partner, especially in the field of printing services. But it also focuses on external IT management. And it was in this area that, after two years, he encountered a rapidly growing problem.

The virtual environment they used for outsourcing at the company became a liability. Thanks to the timely transition to our virtual data centre (CLOUDPOINT), however, serious economic problems have been prevented and the satisfaction of their customers saved.


DIKA service provided its IT outsourcing through the infrastructure of one of the global players in the virtual server market. The task for achieving customer satisfaction was clear – to adapt to the needs of clients and to ensure that costs remained within limits.

The main problem was the regularly and unexpectedly increased monthly payments for “additional services” which were difficult to predict and completely beyond the control of DIKA service partners. Despite the thorough recording of the operations logs, there were items on the invoice that the provider could not explain.

Moreover, tackling any problem with technical support was very complex and unsatisfactory.

As it was not possible to influence the provider’s behaviour, technicians tried to limit the mounting costs in different ways, but these were to the detriment of their customers. Even repeated cost containment restrictions have not stopped the avalanche.

Not only has this approach not helped with economic indicators, it has impacted customers with reduced efficiency in using virtual servers and limited ability to adapt infrastructure to what they need at any given time. This trend went against exactly what virtual infrastructure is supposed to contribute to.


That’s when the company turned on us. Intensive communication and mutual support led to a successful transition to CLOUDPOINT. Despite the fact that they recreated the entire virtual environment from scratch for their customers. The technicians got hold of the demo for 14 days and during this time we worked out all the documentation together, so the two free weeks were put to good use.

Our partner considered several new suppliers, but in the end the combination prevailed:

  • benefits of full CLOUDPOINT environment control over individual virtual servers,
  • reliability of operation verified from demo version of environment
  • Flexibility of use and its simple adaptation to immediate needs,
  • Simplicity and speed of setting up as well as support response, data centre location and technical team in Písek.


Thanks to our cooperation we managed to solve not only the main problem, to the satisfaction of both the management and the technical team.

We view the transition to a virtual data centre as very positive because the environment has sat well with our chief engineer and at the same time we have managed to achieve more efficient infrastructure management. Your technicians can also experience the environment, just like we did. It’s worth it,” says Bohuslav Pavlík, managing director of DIKA servis.

Virtual facilities are now stable, with clear billing and no unidentifiable costs. The client servers running in it can now run 24 × 7 × 365, making them available whenever customers need them.

We are still in the process of scrapping the old system and we can already say that we expect to save costs close to 50%,” adds Bohuslav Pavlík.

In addition, technicians are spared problems with shutting down and switching on servers that have been linked to cost-cutting, which was previously one of the problem areas causing lower efficiency. Servers often did not start properly and needed immediate attention.

Jan Hes

Jan Hes

Senior IT Specialist