Leading deli importer is winning thanks to IoT Cloud supported automation

Thanks to DASHPOINT the Gornicky company saves time, is immediately informed in case of a temperature drop and can connect to the platform at any time and from any place.

The Gornicky company imports and sells cheese and smoked meat products from all over Europe. The company supplies the imported products to the biggest chains that sell food in the Czech Republic. Working with food always means precise storage conditions to preserve the maximum quality and taste of the products. This was the very reason why Gornicky decided to innovate its approach to cooling and to implement TCPro´s remote monitoring of food products into its operations. Právě z tohoto důvodu inovovala společnost Gornicky svůj přístup k provozu chlazení a zakomponovala do svého fungování vzdálený monitoring potravin od společnosti The Cloud Provider.


In the past, the Gornicky company was obtaining information from the food cooling systems by manually downloading temperature values from data loggers. Although this method guaranteed a certain level of keeping of important information, it was neither accurate nor comfortable. In addition to monitoring the equipment functioning, the company had to manually process the manually obtained data for IFS audit purposes.

However, that process missed one aspect that is critical for quality monitoring. Manual recording of values means that the cooling system is monitored only at the time when someone is actually recording the values. This means that the system may fail or temperature may fluctuate without anybody knowing about it. As a result, the company ends up with a substantial financial loss and degraded products which were imported with a great effort.


The Gornicky company looked for a suitable solution because it wanted to make its operations more comfortable and to have instantaneous information about the current situation. Based on a reference provided by its partner company I love Hummus, Gornicky learned about the IoT Cloud platform provided by TCPro for remote monitoring of food products. The system enables online monitoring of operating data and installed sensors. The sensors send real time information about the equipment status to the platform which saves the historical data. Moreover, the TCPro team is based in Písek, i.e. not far from the company´s establishment in Vodňany, so it is able to provide local support 24/7/365, as well as local solutions.

The real time information about the system indicates any fluctuations and failures. Any person with access rights may not only view the current status but the system informs the relevant persons about any errors and failures so that they can be promptly corrected. The Gornicky company uses warnings in the form of SMS or e-mails.

The historical data also simplify preparations for the IFS certification audit. The IoT Cloud platform has been devised to use the collected data for automatic generation of necessary reports for IFS and other audits required to meet food safety standards. As a result, the Gornicky company no longer needs to look for information about the individual incidents but all the information is automatically saved in a template of the appropriate report.


The Gornicky company has successfully achieved its goal and it is now kept informed about its operations under all circumstances. All the operating data are now available online in real time. Moreover, the implementation went smoothly and the new automatic system was launched without any problems.

Gornicky evaluates remote monitoring very positively.

Thanks to DASHPOINT we have an overview of everything. Everything works quickly, conveniently and we’re always in the loop, whether we’re on site or anywhere else”, says the owner of the company Leoš Gornický.

Automated data collection helps to keep the entire system fully informed, day or night.

“When we know from the platform that there has been a temperature drop, we can react immediately and arrange for the goods to be transported to prevent their deterioration. This prevents losses and also ensures the best product quality,” adds Mr Gornický.

Thanks to DASHPOINT the Gornicky company

  • saves time
  • is immediately informed in case of a temperature drop
  • can connect to the platform at any time and from any place

IoT Cloud has made it possible for the Gornicky company to simplify its processes, to save time and to minimize losses caused by temperature changes in the cooling facilities. Still, the new platform brings benefits not only to the company but also to its customers as they are always guaranteed to receive top quality products .

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

IoT Business Developer