Start-up Hexio rising thanks to the Virtual Data Center

  • Zero initial investment when purchasing a full IT infrastructure
  • Zero hidden fees or additional payments
  • Zero unnecessary minutes spent on other than development and commercial activities

Hexio is a modern start-up composed of several programmers that fully focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT). The core of their work is a universal IoT platform that serves as a main environment for the integration of the majority of IoT devices by using various communication protocols.

Such integration is possible at any customer and regardless of the selected supplier of devices. Hexio is also working on an advanced module for the platform – a tool called AppEngine that ensures full control over all IoT devices through one dashboard. Since Hexio is a start-up, it has specific needs and requirements and the right solution of IT infrastructure to cover them is the TCPro Virtual Data Center.


Hexio has a high potential for commercial success even though it is still in the beginning from the business development point of view. Hexio has needs that depend on the activities they are focused on at a specific point in time. When developing software, there is a need for a stable computing environment. When testing, it is necessary to adjust to the changing needs because dynamic flexibility is the core of a successful testing of new functions and modules.

When acquiring new customers, Hexio provides its Software as a Service (SaaS), so it is necessary to pay close attention to the customer needs and development.

There is also another aspect that needs to be considered – the amount of data Hexio needs. Because the platform utilizes for its operations algorithms and machine learning principles, it is necessary to adjust the computing resources to the huge requirements work with big data brings. All of this has to be managed with minimal financial investments and infrastructure costs.


The Cloud Provider began to closely cooperate with Hexio since its inception. Defining the needs was very easy and thanks to long-term cooperation it was possible to fully adjust the virtual data center and accompanying services.

Hexio is composed of Czech programmers who are spread across the whole Czech Republic and who are used to working in a completely different manner than others. Majority of the programming activities takes place at night which means that most of the issues also happen at night.

TCPro monitoring center works 24/7 and in Czech so everything is adapted to Hexio programmers.

How did CLOUDPOINT aid Hexio?

Zero initial investment when purchasing foll IT infrastucture

Zero hidden fees and additional payments

No wasted minutes taking care of other than development and sales

Since the beginning, it was obvious that the task will be to have full IT infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – without investments, non-stop support and minimal costs that are not directly related to the development and commercialization of Hexio IoT solutions.

All of these requirements are fulfilled by the TCPro Virtual Data Center. We did not have to invest anything into the infrastructure, the environment and its support react very fast to our requests and we do not have to prepay any credits. The whole computing environment is billed based on real consumption,” says Jiri Hybek, Hexio CEO.

He also adds that prior to concluding the contract, Hexio checked competing offers but there was also some kind of issue – no clear final price or hidden fees.

TCPro takes care of us from A to Z and so we do not have any need to look elsewhere,” says Jiri Hybek.


Currently, the cooperation between Hexio and TCPro lasts 8 months and during this period there has been no outage or issues with the Virtual Data Center, monitoring center or any other TCPro services.

Jiri Hybek concludes: “TCPro may not be a global brand but its services and their quality are on the global level. We pay for what we really need, not for a global brand. The pricing model is clear in advance and there has been nothing at TCPro that would disappoint us..”

The main advantages of the Virtual Data Center lie in

  • Zero initial investment when purchasing a full IT infrastructure
  • Zero hidden fees or additional payments
  • Zero unnecessary minutes spent on other than development and commercial activities
Jan Hes

Jan Hes

Senior IT Specialist