How Are Your Data Protected?

Our last article introduced us to the cloud security topic and we have taken you on an imaginary tour through our cloud, from the ground up. You could have by now a picture of whether the cloud security is just a myth o rif it is real.

Let’s now think about a situation – what happens to your data when physical servers go won? Do you ask that question when selecting a provider? Does he use triplication?

Security on the First Place

On one side we have talked about the security on various level, internal processes and personal approach. You can actually read the article here.

But there i sone aspect which is related to patching up the system. There is no systém, software, program or app that is perfect and the development Teams need to continually work on finding the errors and issuing updates. And you can only get to these pathes only when you keep the systems up to date.

Internally that is easily done because that is what your technicians are for. They take care of the OS updates on personal computers, update your internal systems and also other systems that ensure the smooth run of your IT infrastructure. But what about your cloud?

This responsibility rests on the shoulders of the cloud provider. Did you verify that he provides the infrastructure on the latest versions? And this is not just about getting to the latest features, but moreso about the basic security.

Equip Your Technicians with the Best

The most up to date versions and technology approaches enable your technicians to work eith technologies that are adapted to their needs. Cloud environment are constatnly evolving and based on the specific needs of your company, you can find such a provider that will tailor IT to your needs.

This does not mean that everythign will be ready and you don’t need your technicians. A tailored cloud means that it will fit you perfectly.

We will not run into great details because the article would become very long and at the same time it would not have the added value you would expect. But realize that after switching from physical infrastructure to cloud, you have given your technicians a much higher efficiency.

They don’t have to run around anymore and carry heavy physical equipement and devices. They don’t have to sift through the miles of cables. They can use their time much better thanks to cloud. And in the same manner the cloud progress goes on. New platfroms and systems are emerging – these aim to make it easier to mmanage IT. It is good to ask your provider about his plans in this regard.

How Well Are Your Data Secured?

Details of back-ups are a topic for another article. The real question sis how well are your data secure against the hardware malfunction? One, twice? Did you know that today you can use triplication?

This is an approach to the back up of physical components to prevent data loss due to the malfunction and error on the side of the provider. What about your provider, does he triplicate?

This i salso related to the state and quality of the physical technologies found underneath the cloud layer. Sometimes we tend to forget that cloud is not just some imaginary miracle that it actually is a principle of providing IT services that run on physical servers which are ideally located ijn a good data center.

It is not out of question to check out the data center which your cloud is provided from – to see how it runs and functions. Are you saying you cannot pinpoint the data center? That actually leads us to the next point.

Data Are Everywhere

We arrive at a very important question related to data security. We have already touched on replication but let’s now talk about the storage safety. Majority of global providers cannot really answer your question where your data are stored.

Not that they don’t want to. But their system works in a way to be balanced in every point in time. This means they move the data within the geographical region you selected, among their data centers.

Now is the time to think about the fact whether you want your data to bet he travellers based on the need of your provider.

You can also ask your provider whether you can see the data center where the cloud is run. Maybe you will be surprised that the provider is not actually the operator – he just sells the cloud, doesn’t take care o fit.

I Tell What I Know

If you purchase cloud from the local provider, you have a bigger chance in knowing how the cloud functions. He can, therefore, help you with your infrastructure, advice on the best approach or recommend what needs to be changed to have a better IT. Your cloud provider should be your ally and in any situation should help you resiolve your IT issues.

The provider takes care of the physical space, updates to the newest versions and ensures the implementation of technology processes – these are all good indicators that the provider wants to take care of you. Do not be afraid to ask about the areas mentioned in this article. As a user, you have to right for answers and at least you know where you stand.

Which Questions Should You Ask?

Use the qualifications and knowledge of your technicians and look at your cloud under a magnifying glass. Learn which data center hosts your cloud and where are your data stored.

Do not be afraid to request the versions of the systems – your technicians will let you know if these are the newest ones. And if you are interested in learning how to analyze your IT and know where you stand, schedule a call, I would be happy to help.


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