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IoT Ensures Efficiency in the Food Industry

To prevent these catastrophes, I Love Hummus has given a chance to process automation regarding the condition check, problem solution and IFS report preparation.

I Love Hummus is a family company that focuses on the production of chickpea spreads called the hummus. It supplies its spreads to more than 600 stores all over the Czech Republic and also to restaurants and companies.

The production of hummus requires specific conditions which cannot change beyond the given limits; if that were to happen, the products cannot be used and that leads to considerable financial losses.

To prevent these catastrophes, I Love Hummus has given a chance to process automation regarding the condition check, problem solution and IFS report preparation.


When creating spreads, the company always puts emphasis

  • on the quality at all points in time during the production,
  • on monitoring the functionality of cooling boxes and fridges,
  • on monitoring temperatures at which the spreads are stored.

For these purposes, I Love Hummus has been using manually recorded data in an Excel spreadsheet. This process has been extremely time intensive and also not very efficient since it was very easy to record a wrong piece of data. Then it was also necessary to put together all the information for the IFS audit manually from the Excel data and find also the relevant data regarding the records describing a problem solution.

One of the milestones that has contributed to the implementation of an automated system was a situation when a fridge outage occurred on a Friday afternoon. The company got to solving the problem too late. The result – spoiled products amounting to tens of thousands of Czech crowns. It was necessary to change the approach towards these situations and focus on prevention rather than on solving problems that have already happened.

I Love Hummus has been looking for a solution that would not only enable it to monitor the individual cooling appliances but that would also automatically notify the relevant personnel regarding any issues. This solution also had to automate the IFS audit report processes. Despite the many conditions that had to be met the company was able to find the right solution in the form of a universal Internet of Things platform called DASHPOINT by The Cloud Provider.


The company received a full service from A to Z. Together with TCPro technicians, they have selected the correct sensors that were deployed to all the cooling
appliances. These sensors were then connected to the DASHPOINT platform and I Love Hummus thus gained an online access to the web interface that has been tailored to its needs and ensured the full monitoring. The spread produces set, who should receive the notifications about the non-standard situations – for example a sudden drop in temperature or open door – to ensure a timely uncovering of an issue and informing the correct person.

Outside of an IoT turnkey solution, the DASHPOINT also brought about one more change. Since the automated solution collects and evaluates data, the platform also includes the option to automatically generate a report that includes precisely the data needed for an IFS audit. It includes all the records about the functionality of the devices, as well as incident reports, timestamp of a solution and also identifies the person that solved the issue, in which manner and within which time span. No more document browsing is necessary. DASHPOINT has one button that generates the necessary report.

We were very surprised by how the solution fully adapted to our individual needs. All the parameters are set up exactly as we said and the process automation did not force us into any changes,” says Stepan Hodac, the director of I Love Hummus.

  • Turnkey IoT solution adapted to the needs of the customer
  • Immediate and efficient problem solving
  • IFS audit automated report


DASHPOINT brings about benefits on two levels. All information related to the functionality of all connected devices are available to the company management online. At the same time, the system also shows notifications, reports and information about problem solving. I Love Hummus technicians have access through a web app to live information about temperatures in fridges or open doors. They can monitor their state, run basic diagnostics of emerging problems without the need to be present on site.

Costs related to the operation of cooling boxes are lowered thanks to predictive analytics because simple graphs show clear deviations from standard behaviour and this the company can react immediately prior to the device breaking. Collected data are stored safely in a database long-term which enables data analyses and work with historical data. ”We are very satisfied with report making for the IFS audit. All data are collected automatically and the presets of DASHPOINT for the food industry includes the integrated option to generate the audit materials automatically,” adds Stepan Hodac to the advantages of implementing the

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

IoT Business Developer