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Which benefits did Itera gain from the Virtual Data Center?

  • 25% lower price compared to the same configuration
  • Full monitoring and support in English
  • Immediate option to adjust computing resources
  • Fast communication when solving business, technical and administrative matters
Itera Technologies is a progressive start-up creating tailored cloud environments. It utilizes the most modern tools (OpenStack and Kubernetes) and the know-how of professionals that have already gained more than 10 years of experience with cloud and virtualization technologies.

Currently the Itera team focuses on developing Taikun – a tool that enables integration of public and private clouds into one environment. However, this brings along very specific requirements on the developing environment so Itera was looking for the most appropriate provider of virtual resources and found The Cloud Provider (TCPRO).


Itera Technologies was looking for a flexible virtual computing environment which would respect their specific needs. Software development requires computing power that is able to dynamically adjust to the changes based on the different stages of the development.

Work on such cloud solutions and products has to be managed by agile approaches, Itera cannot afford to work in an environment that is not able to react to their needs at any given point in time. The whole company is not experiencing a rapid growth of potential which also increases the requirements on human resources that need to have the right computing environment.

The company sent quotes to several providers of virtual computing output that would be able to cover such advanced requirements. However, the team soon encountered problems with

  • Low flexibility of products
  • Confusing pricing
  • Inability to fully adapt resources

Itera itself is a provider of virtual cloud infrastructure and could build the environment on its own infrastructure; however, such an approach would be neither financially sound, nor efficient. Itera is a start-up in development and has to manage funds very well because it does not have at hand a budget of a fully established large company. It is necessary to thoroughly think about how to use the funds and only incur expenses in areas that are necessary – human resources. By using its own physical infrastructure, Itera would have to move a part of its human resources to take care of the infrastructure. And if it decided to use physical infrastructure from a provider and have its virtual environment there, the costs would not be optimized.

It was necessary to find a provider of virtual resources that would be fully adapted to the requirements Itera has at any given moment. All the conditions were met by CLOUDPOINT product from The Cloud provider – maximal adaptation of computing resources, clear invoicing, dynamic changes and zero care.


Itera has a clear idea of what kind of environment is needed. The TCPro team went through Itera´s individual requirements and the way the environment should work. Based on the analysis completed together, Itera was recommended the Pay-as-You-Go model based on the dynamic changes development requires.

Since Itera not only develops tailored products but also takes care of the right operations of customers´ environments, TCPro offered cooperation also in this regard. The TCPro monitoring center functions 24/7 and monitors not only the Itera development environment but also provides support to their customers.

The TCPro team was trained to be able to provide maximum support to Itera given its specific operation needs. The monitoring center was acquainted with the specifications of how to work for a dynamically evolving start-up. One of the TCPro technicians was also dedicated to Itera.


This collaboration leads to Itera being able to fully dedicate itself to working on its products by making the CLOUDPOINT environment completely adaptable to all computing power requirements. Itera currently has twenty employees in its development team, dynamic optimization is truly crucial for the successful products development and costs and investment minimization.

The monitoring center further provides full support and monitoring and solution to individual tickets. Itera management does not have to be left in the dark. All information about the resource count, its usage and consumption can be easily checked thanks to simple graphs on the main dashboard.

“CLOUDPOINT allows us to focus on our products because it fully adapts to our computing power requirements. Our team is growing, so dynamic optimization is a real foundation for us to successfully develop products and minimize costs and investments.” says Michal Novák, Customer Success Manager, Itera.

When comparing the same scope services from other providers, here are the conclusions:

  • 25% lower price compared to the same configuration
  • Full monitoring and support in English
  • Immediate option to adjust computing resources
  • Fast communication when solving business, technical and administrative matters
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