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Efficiency of the Mining Industry Ensured by the Internet of Things

Thanks to the cooperation with TCPro, Jan Mikyska is better equipped for maintenance work and servicing which became more timely and efficient with the use of the DASHPOINT platform.

Jan Mikyska – Industrial Braking Systems is the sole reseller and servicing organization for the Danish company Svendborg Brakes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Svendborg Brakes delivers braking systems to various industries.

Outside of the sole representation, Jan Mikyska also provides global servicing, training and designer services for the Svendborg customers. Thanks to the cooperation with TCPro, Jan Mikyska is better equipped for maintenance work and servicing which became more timely and efficient with the use of the DASHPOINT platform.


When working in heavy industries and mining, it is crucial to learn in time when there are any problems. One of the customers of Jan Mikyska is the company Severoceske doly, a.s. which implemented the project of installing braking systems to the ground excavator in the Bilina mine and its subsequent maintenance and servicing. Braking systems are a critical system of the whole machine and despite regular maintenance periods, unexpected failures happen. This leads to the unplanned outages in the operation of the excavator which poses significant financial loses to the end customer.

The company Jan Mikyska has been looking for a way to ensure better servicing to its customers by utilizing timely detection and issue solutions before the problems even occur. The main parameters when selecting this specific solution were fast delivery of information about a potential problem and the option to adjust the system in a manner for the platform to be the most adapted to the specific issue.


Jan Mikyska took these criteria and selected the universal DASHPOINT platform which is very flexible not only due to the option to integrate any sensors and systems but also from the flexibility and adaptability point of view. In cooperation with TCPro, the company deployed sensors and remote monitoring units to the hydraulic systems. Data are being sent in real time to the DASHPOINT platform.

Thanks to the DASHPOINT, we have the information online on how the braking and hydraulic systems are behaving at our customer sites. Issues can be resolved remotely and majority of the time before the problem really occurs,” says Jan Mikyska, company director.


Jan Mikyska technicians have a clear overview available through an online web app which includes live information about the behaviour of a specific machine or system. They can monitor the current state compared to the historical data collected and run basic diagnostics of the potential problems online and without the need to go into the field. The collected data are stored safely and long-term in a database which enables the technicians to go through historical metrics and analyse the changes of the machine behaviour from the long-term perspective.

Cooperation with the company Svendborg Brakes also aided the creation of an algorithm to ensure the automated detection of the most common failures, such as the internal or external oil leak. Historical data will enable the application of machine learning algorithms and anomaly detection which will push the automated diagnostics to another level will enable a better prediction of the issues before a failure occurs.

The whole solution creates an added value to the Severoceske doly, a.s. since it eliminates the failures and outages which saves costs and increases the overall operability and efficiency of the excavator. Jan Mikyska as a company providing maintenance and servicing utilizes DASHPOINT to provide services with even higher quality and has an online insight into the behaviour of the braking and hydraulic systems. Thanks to this, the technicians can solve problems remotely which decreases costs for maintenance. Historical data then enable the team to better understand the machine behaviour in real operations and provide important data for the future increase of service quality.

Universal DASHPOINT platform can be utilized in many industries thanks to its universality.

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

IoT Business Developer