Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech

Nonstop L1 technical support for customers of the multinational
Konica Minolta

Individualized monitoring and management of the Azure platform in 24/7 mode in Czech and English. Complete support team for customers is provided.

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is part of the konica Minolta global group. In technology, he focuses on enterprise applications, digital transformation and the so-called modern digital workplace. It also confirms its competence with its Microsoft Managed Partner status. Specifically, the company focuses on deliveries of complex information systems, most notably ERP and CRM and solutions on Microsoft platforms.

Within its customers, the company provides technical support to its customers at various levels in the 24/7/365 scheme. By providing products globally, the 24/7/365 scheme takes on great importance and, indeed, an adequate level of technical support must be ensured throughout. Like other companies, Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is facing a general problem of a lack of qualified IT professionals, which is manifesting itself not only in the Czech Republic.


Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech asked TCPRO to ensure an adequate level of L1 technical support for its products and solutions that are built on the AZURE platform.

The technology was initially a challenge for the TCPRO technical team, as historically the team was used to monitoring and addressing customer requirements that arose within open platforms built on OpenStack and Kubernetes technologies.

TCPRO’s technical team has thus started an intensive training and teaching process for almost half a year, not only with the support of L3 technicians, developers and other IT experts from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech, but mainly within its own self-study, seminars and testing. The whole process was completed with the successful AZURE certification of all members of the TCPRO technical team.


After successfully completing an intensive education and teaching process and in particular certification, a test run was launched in which the technical team tried to work in a new software for receiving requirements and problems (Jira). Under the supervision of senior IT specialists from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech, the team set about solving the first problems and requirements.

After the end of this testing period, in which no defects and deficiencies were found, the “sharp” operation of the service was started and it can now be concluded that the TCPRO team is already fully providing L1 technical support to selected customers of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech, not only in Czech but also in English.


TCPRO provides fully complete L1 technical support in mode 24/7/365 in both Czech and English. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech has thus dropped its obligations related to basic L1 technical support, does not have to intricately create a technical team that would operate under the 24/7/365 scheme, does not solve the sudden illness of any team member, holidays and other temporary or long-term outages of team members.

Individual escalation processes within the problems and requirements created are clearly defined and are also made up of so-called “escalation processes”. The Troubleshooting Guide, where different types of requests and problems are written, including how to solve them.

The IT specialists of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech can fully concentrate on development, implementation or testing work within the provided products and solutions. It is therefore not required to address the underlying technical challenges and requirements, as TCPRO is fully responsible for 24/7/365 technical support towards the company’s selected end customers.

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