Maleticka farma

Remote monitoring of production and operating conditions

Maletice farm specialises in organic farming of the Charolais and Limousine breeds. v to achieve a high quality of meat, it uses the principle of ageing. And that is not possible without precise conditions.

The excellent taste of beef is due to the constant and slow evaporation of moisture, which increases the concentration of extractive substances – these are present in small amounts in meat, but it is a group of substances that influence the formation of taste and smell of meat.

Conditions under which meat is matured:

  • Ideal temperature 0–2° C
  • Humidity 75–83 %
  • Even airflow


In the cooling box of the farm there are tiny thermometers and hygrometers, which indicate all values for carrying out the HACCP audit as well as for meat quality. These data are collected in the DASHPOINT system, which clearly displays them. In the system you will find not only temperature conditions, but also moisture and other important values. At the same time, it is possible to make sure the door to the cooler is not open. All data can then be exported to PDF monthly reports.

An important aspect of the whole solution is the alert system. Alerts can be received as sms or email, and there are recorded warnings on non-standard conditions, fluctuations or even information about the open door. This information, thanks to customizable warnings, will reach relevant individuals who can act immediately. After the installation of the equipment as a whole, a backup power supply is also a matter of course, which immediately informs the owner of the power failure and subsequent temperature changes in the event of a power failure. This backup power supply is also insured by batteries if the fuel in the aggregate runs out.

So when you stop around Pisek, visit Maletice farm or Restaurant Chapelle directly, you’ll know that IoT technology has contributed to your gourmet experience.

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

IoT Business Developer