Hotel U Kaplicky and Restaurant Chapelle

Hotel U Kaplicky and Restaurant Chapelle are heading to the Top of the Country’s Gastronomy thanks to comprehensive monitoring of operations

With well-set monitoring of necessary parameters in real time, the hotel and restaurant management got rid of the lengthy preparation of qualitative reports and supporting documents for the HACCP audit. The real-time notification system provides a complete overview of events in the hotel and restaurant, strengthens the security of the premises and avoids unnecessary waste of energy.


Hotel U Kapličky is a successful family business that has been in business for almost three decades. In 2021, the hotel and the hotel restaurant underwent a complete reconstruction with the ambition to become one of the TOP 100 gastronomic establishments in the Czech Republic within two years. Achieving this ambitious goal would not have been possible without modernising the IT infrastructure and expanding it with current technological trends. The solution should provide opportunities for monitoring the quality of raw materials and the environment, make restaurant and hotel operations more efficient in terms of automating routine activities and bring cost savings by avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

How cooperation proceeded

It was clear from the specification that the optimal solution would be the customization of the DASHPOINT service After the initial approach by the customer, we prepared a detailed list of potentially monitored areas based on previous successful implementations in gastronomy and food processing plants and reflecting the specific requirements of the customer. After confirmation of the monitoring areas by the customer, we prepared a solution proposal with possible options within 2 days. Since the entire plant was newly reconstructed, we did not have to deal with the integration of previous infrastructure and sensors, which contributed significantly to the speed of implementation of the approved solution. Within a few days, the entire building was ready for trial operation, which was confirmed after testing and handed over for use.

Technical solution

In the context of the customer’s ambitious goals, we have prepared a solution that can monitor the entire hotel and restaurant, where the individual circuits are divided according to the customer’s requirements. Aside from the 2 basic circuits (hotel, restaurant), the solution contains several separate circuits in the hotel and another few circuits in the restaurant. In addition to monitoring water, electricity and temperature consumption, Hotel U Kapličky boasts air quality monitoring both in individual rooms and in the kitchen and restaurant area. The system is directly connected to the air conditioning and air conditioning units and monitors the content of CO2, fatty substances and unwanted odours (VOC substances), which in the case of an open kitchen means that the guest enjoys the aroma of prepared dishes, but is spared any negative odours caused for example by frying. There are also separate temperature and humidity measurements for each type of wine in the restaurant wine cellar. A unique solution is humidity and temperature monitoring in humidors, so after a delicious gastronomic experience, a cigar lover can enjoy their favourite brand in the highest achievable quality.

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„The software is easy to master, there is no need for complex training, as you will describe everything in your own way. Click on any device to get the information you want. The autonomy of individual devices is a matter of course, so I only monitor what I need for each. It’s simple.“

Roman Dolejš, Chef, Hotel U Kapličky


Hotel U Kapličky and restaurant Chapelle enjoys all the benefits of DASHPOINT. The most obvious is the 100% possibility of setting the user environment, including the limit values of all monitored parameters and the naming of individual circuits and devices. Management has an instant overview not only of electricity and water consumption in real time, but also in the event of any incidents. It also has an overview of the temperature and air conditions in the different parts of the building.

In addition to monitoring the optimal air quality for a healthy sleep, increased electricity or water consumption is immediately detected, which strengthens the safety of hotel guests (preventing fires of electronic equipment or flooding).

In the restaurant, the cooks monitor the temperatures in the individual coolers according to the nature of the intended use (meat, vegetables, etc.), monitor the air quality and keep track of the number and length of time each cooler is open. One of the most important benefits of the service is the reduction of the administrative burden of recording the documents required for HACCP daily reports and audits. Instead of several hours of daily preparation and manual recording of values, all documents are prepared in a few minutes according to the audit requirements.

Filip Rakovan

Filip Rakovan

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