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Our technicians at your service – lower your tech support operational costs, resolve employee substitutability and rely on professional knowledge of an external team.

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Your technical support in the form of a service

The Way We Work

Our professional team is ready to provide its services not only to your company but also to your customers in different areas, on many levels or using various technologies.

Remote monitoring 24/7/365

We are able to continuously monitor the flawless operation of the IT infrastructure and in the event of any problems, we can immediately resolve the situation or proceed according to our mutual agreement.

TAC (Technical Assistance Center)

We have our own software tool for receiving technical requests. Just send an email and our technicians will start dealing with the request immediately. Do you have your own software you want to use? No problem. We can also work in the software you run.

Business model

The way we charge for our services varies and depends on our agreement with you. We can adapt to your needs and requirements in terms of support levels, communication channels and other parameters.

What’s to Gain?




Experts on demand

Saving IT



We understand your needs

I want a solution for my customers

Our technical team is ready to monitor, analyze and also resolve a variety of situations for your customers, whether within their physical or virtual infrastructure, software or applications or even entire platforms (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and others).

The entire service can be implemented under our brand or as white-label. Our technical team then acts on behalf of your company. Monitoring, receiving and resolving requests can be done via our own software (Zabbix) or via the software you use - we are able to adapt very quickly. Technical support is available in both Czech and English.

We have prepared different business models and billing for the whole service, e.g. according to the number of monitored devices or the number of received or handled requests but we are ready to discuss everything individually so that you are satisfied and the service works smoothly.

I want the solutions for myself

Our technical team is ready to partially or fully take over the management of your IT environment (complete staffing of your own IT department or supplementing an incomplete IT department). We provide the service on L1 - L3 levels. Our team is available 24/7/365 so you don't have to deal with the interchangeability of your IT team members, holidays, vacations or sickness. We are simply always there.

We can take on complete management of servers across vendors, storage, networking, Google and Microsoft products, system sharing and backup, physical and virtual security, LAN/WAN, DevOps & ITSM, endpoint devices and much more.

Among other things, our trained professional team monitors and maintains one of the most modern data centers in the country – our data center - so you can be sure that our team has the relevant knowledge and experience.

I want to monitor technologies

Our technical team is ready to monitor your operational technologies, whether within data centers, cloud platforms (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.), physical and virtual security or IoT technologies including complete incident reporting.

Monitoring can be done within our own Zabbix software or within your already established software. By mutual agreement, we are ready to monitor as well as manage or maintain the infrastructure.

Our team has extensive experience in monitoring, managing and maintaining a data center, cloud platforms, physical and virtual security, it is available 24/7/365 and can communicate in Czech and English.

I want support for my IT projects

Do you need advice on your IT infrastructure? Are you building a data center? Are you implementing a cloud solution for your business? Are you migrating from physical to a virtual infrastructure? If so, and you need help with the whole process, then you've come to the right place.

Our technical team has many years of experience in building data centers, implementing virtualization platforms, delivering physical and virtual infrastructure for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as for public administration.

Do not hesitate to contact us with the entire project or only with selected parts and be sure that we will always propose the optimal solution for you which emphasizes functionality, security and the possibility of future development. Of course, complete technical documentation and training for your team is included.

Level Up Your IT

24/7/365 ticket receiving in Czech and English
We use our own software for tickets. We can also work with your software or with external communication channels (WhatsApp, Skype, Signal, etc.)
We specialize in the operation of data centers, IoT technologies, cloud platforms across providers, physical and virtual security, corporate IT infrastructure (e.g. servers, storage and other hardware components, networking, databases, web presentations, etc.), but it can also be other areas upon agreement
We use the ZABBIX monitoring software, which allows us to monitor the functionality, availability and performance of technologies or applications.
We supply complete incident reporting including how incidents were resolved, time spent by individual technicians, etc.

Don't skimp on solutions, skimp on costs

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from 199$ /Monthly

  • 8/5 helpdesk
  • receiving tickets by phone, email and other communication platforms
  • 48 hours response time
  • Service Desk app for ticket management
  • 5 hours online service support
  • the possibility of remote support via the provider's software


from 599$ /Monthly

  • 8/5 helpdesk
  • receiving tickets by phone, email and other communication platforms
  • NBD response time
  • Service Desk app for ticket management
  • 15 hours online service support
  • the possibility of remote support via the provider's software


on request

  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • receiving tickets by phone, email and other communication platforms
  • 15 min response time
  • Service Desk app for ticket management
  • Service online and onsite support
  • the possibility of remote support via the provider's software

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